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Hear It from Our Previous Clients

“After my stroke and still using a walker, Juliet assessed me and told me my balance was too good to rely on aids.  It was then I started using walking poles and my recovery took off.  Juliet’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm gave me the tools and encouragement to test my limits.  I would not be as fully recovered as I am without Juliet’s help!”


"I had the opportunity to receive physio from Juliet in the past year. She is extremely knowledgeable and proficient in her job and with her patience she soon had me doing things I have not been able to do for years. She took the time to assess my needs and gave me challenges that I could succeed at with the proper work..  I would definitely recommend her to anybody requiring her specialty and willing to work with her. Thank you Juliet!"


"I  have significant mobility issues related to MS. Juliet provided neuro physiotherapy to address these issues over a 2 year period. I found Juliet to be an exceptional physiotherapist. She is conscientious, caring, professional, and very knowledgeable. She not only addressed obvious issues but helped me develop an ongoing plan to prevent issues from developing. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Juliet’s care and am sorry that she has recently moved. Lucky Courtenay and Comox!"


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