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Practice Walking


The Tools You Need

Neurophysiotherapists have advanced training in understanding human movement and the neuroscience that governs it.

We offer expertise in consultation, assessment and treatment to improve body movement following an injury or disease of the nervous system.

Neurological conditions including stroke, brain injury (including concussion), spinal cord injury, MS, Parkinson's & other movement disorders can benefit from targeted programs to maximize the potential for recovery of quality and efficient movement. 

Our brains are plastic, meaning they have the ability to reorganize, restructure and change if they are challenged sufficiently- even years after injury!

Treatments can address problems with mobility, balance, dizziness, fitness, upper limb & hand use, activities of daily living, tone, pain & other disabling issues.

Whether you are recovering from a stroke, a spinal cord injury, or have been diagnosed with a progressive neurological disorder (ie. Parkinson's, MS), we are here to help!

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