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Acute and post-concussion symptoms

 What is a concussion?

  •  A temporary disruption in metabolic function leading to changes to brain functions

  •  A concussion is a brain injury that cannot be seen on routine X-rays, CT scans or MRIs

  •  It may be caused by a direct OR indirect blow to your head, neck or face. You do NOT need to have hit your head to have a concussion

  •  You do NOT need to have lost consciousness to have a concussion

  •  Most people recover quickly (days-weeks); however up to 30% of people may have symptoms that last longer than 4 weeks

Concussion is an INVISIBLE INJURY
Because you are able to walk and talk, you may look and appear ‘okay’ to others, while in reality you may be struggling.

How can physio help?

We evaluate a number of body systems that can contribute to your symptom burden:

  • Neck mobility, strength, and proprioception (i.e., joint awareness)

  • Vestibular (i.e., inner ear) and oculomotor (i.e., eye movements) functions

  • Balance and coordination (including walking, running, sport-specific drills)

  • Exercise tolerance and autonomic system functioning (e.g., stress response)

Have you had lingering symptoms for years? Multiple concussions? Headaches that you just ‘live with?’ There are solutions, and all concussions are treatable- even years down the road.

Book in an appointment as soon as one week after injury to learn what you can do to speed up your recovery time!

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